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Classic De Novo - Ross Watson

'Love conquers all; let us all yield to love!': In his second reference of Caravaggio's 'Victorious Cupid', Watson's superb feature-painting for his upcoming Berlin exhibition explores the notion of the disposable and the sustainable in today's society. Depicted life-sized, contemporary German model Marcel holds a digital camera and stands in the foreground of the 17th Century scene. Watson produces just one painting of this size and calibre each year.

"On my many visits to the Gemaldegalerie I have felt a strong connection with Carravaggio's paintings, being struck by the almost photographic naturalism of his technique. The candid expression of cupid here is a perfect example. In Caravaggio's era everything was hand-crafted, cared for and kept, unlike so much today including many digital images which are discarded. I decided to paint Marcel lifesize to increase the level of realism".

This painting after Caravagio 1603 (Oil on board, 75 x 85 cm / 30" x 33") was sold to a private collection in London for US$21,500. Paintings included in the forthcoming Berlin exhibition may be pre-purchased, and will be available for shipping ex-Berlin July 1.