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Sir Ian McKellen Opens London Exhibition

This must view video captures the excitement of Watson's third London exhibition launch. Featuring Ian McKellen's fascinating opening speech, and including interviews with actor Luke Evans and Lance Corporal James Wharton.

Video Production: Jasper Montana

Ross' Muse Jamieson on Prints

Join Model Jamieson in the Ross Watson Gallery talking about our Limited Edition Prints. Jamieson will talk you through our different types of Limited Edition Prints and Canvases. He presents information that will make it easier to make a decision about purchasing at

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Major Work Preview

A must-see short video capturing the anticipation and progress of Ross Watson's current major work, which materialised during Melbourne's lock down when he spotted his new model James in a park, suspended high, exercising on Olympic rings. 

Referencing Simon Vouet's Baroque masterpiece Time Vanquished by Love, Hope and Fame, 1645, the major painting is expected to be a dynamic and exceptional centre piece in Watson's forthcoming Melbourne exhibition.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Ross Watson - The Artist

Join Ross Watson in his daily life, as this new video takes you into his Melbourne gallery to see his stunning recent paintings, and discover his neighbourhood as he walks his fox terriers Misha and Zorro.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

ABC USA TV News Interview

Derick Waller interviews Ross Watson for an evening news story on the ABC network about his WorldPrideNYC | Stonewall50 Exhibition, homines uniformis. See the exhibition installed at the Rogue Space | Chelsea and learn about the artistic process and inspiration.

Video Production: WABC7NY TV

Meeting and Painting Uriah

Whilst in New York during his WorldPride 2019 Exhibition, one visitor to the gallery stood out to him and he was asked to model. A year later that painting is now complete...

Music: Dreams - Bensound  Support by RFM - NCM:

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Painting Alexis

"Ross Watson has created another dazzlingly provocative, witty and enchanting take on a classic painting. In the original, the centaur Chiron leans over the young Achilles and schools him in archery. In the Ross Watson version Alexis Caught joins the group - just removing his rugby shirt as he prepares either to take instruction from Chiron himself or to join in with the tutoring of Achilles."
Stephen Fry

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Painting the Male Nude

Meet handsome Paul Cicchetti in this much watched video speaking about modelling for a full frontal nude for Watson. Learn the artist's thoughts about the male nude in art today, and in the lifetime of the renaissance artist Caravaggio. NOTE: Male nude scenes

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Modelling for Ross Watson Nude Painting

A very popular fast paced video, watch nude models Jamieson Caldwell and Nathan Collett talk of their experiences modelling for the artist, and their passion for acting and surfing naked. NOTE: Male nude scenes.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

The Silence Series

Learn more of Ross Watson's thoughts behind the inspiration of his most recent paintings from the Silence Series. Watch the modelling sessions, see the painting evolve, and share Ross' excitement about one of his most popular series of paintings. NOTE: Male nude scenes

Video Production: Andrew Vance

The Cycles of Life and Caravaggio

Moving and insightful, Ross Watson offers candid insights about creating this painting, which explores the cycles of life and references Caravaggio's 'Boy with a Basket of Fruit'. Featuring handsome Alex Skinner who models for this very personal and significant painting. NOTE: Male nude scenes

Video Production: Andrew Vance

The Hon. Michael Kirby Opens Sydney Exhibition

Introduced by DNA magazine editor, Andrew Craig, this video presents highlights from Ross Watson's 010:Coast Sydney Exhibition Artist's Reception. A renowned public speaker, watch former High Court Judge, Michael Kirby, who explains the past and present directions of Watson's art in his exhibition opening speech.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Yellow House Gallery, Sydney 2017

Take an exciting virtual tour of Watson's successful 2017 Exhibition and Launch, at Sydney's historic and iconic art gallery. See for yourself why this Premier Event of the 2017 Mardi Gras Festival was a cultural highlight for so many visitors.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

Tina Arena: Creating Her First Ever Portrait

Meet Tina Arena, watch the modelling session, and see how Ross Watson's superb large portrait of the international singer develops. Learn the artist's inspirations, including his account of visiting the Louvre Museum and locating the stunning marble sculpture, which features in this popular celebrity portrait.

Video Production: Andrew Vance

15 Year Gallery Anniversary Launch

Australian academic and pioneering gay rights activist, Professor Dennis Altman, offers new and fascinating observations and perspectives on Ross Watson and his art. Introduced by the artist's partner and Gallery Director, Stephen Morgan, this video captures an important anniversary celebration.

Video Production: Andrew Vance