46 x 36 cm / 18 x 14 in

67 x 57 cm / 26 x 23 in 

Oil on board
Signed lower right

Available for immediate release


The third painting in a new series DIORAMAS, Boxer, is erotically charged and  possesses a strong and dynamic composition. Watson's first depiction of a boxer, it features a new model, Jacob, the artist's neighbour who he witnessed practicing sport in his garden during lockdown. An eye-catching angular view of a handsomely marbled Gucci store front provides the setting for the solitary athlete.

As a result of seeing empty luxury fashion store windows when Melbourne was under restrictions, the artist began imagining creating painted theatre sets or glass showcases which may be be viewed by an audience - many of which are observing online in numerous countries. 

Exercising at home and often in solitude is reflected in this striking and erotic painting, which many of us experienced during the global pandemic. A painted portrait of Saint Sebastion by Guido Reni sits on the artist's easel, gazing upwards at the boxer and providing company to the athlete. The inclusion of the classical portrait reminds us of how much the artist and many of us have missed visiting art museums.

"Great art in history has informed us about the period it was created." wrote Watson, as his art explores themes relevant to himself and mankind more generally during the COVID pandemic.

Red is unquestionably the colour of eroticism, and the boxer's gloves, cap and jock strap, are the dominant spot colour, which pops against the greens, greys and darker tones. Vital to compositional and colour balance are the letters OX at the lower left, which refers to one of Gucci's current collaborations with Xbox, evoking the plethora of creative cross cultural, fashion and product explorations.

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