Numbered Editions vs Artist's Proofs

What is the difference between an Artist's Proof and the numbered edition?

Our lowest edition artworks and most collectable Limited Editions are Limited Edition Canvases, which are a numbered edition of 3 with two Artist's Proofs.  Each print is hand signed and numbered on the reverse by Ross. 

"Limited editions will also include a small number of artist’s proofs, which are often listed as “AP” or “A/P” in the edition information.  Traditionally, artists kept these proofs for their personal collections—and artworks that belonged to the artists themselves will be more valuable in today’s market."

While there is no difference between the quality of a numbered edition and an Artist's Proof, we have some collectors who prefer to purchase an Artist's Proof and others that prefer to collect the lowest possible numbered edition.

A newly released feature at is the ability to choose your numbered edition or Artist's Proof when purchasing Limited Edition Canvases.