Ross Watson original painting from the DIORAMAS series of a uniformed rugby player with pink boots inside the YSL window with an oversized portrait of a bearded man in frilled collar

Footballer / YSL

$ 35,000 AUD
Original Ross Watson painting of partially dressed soldier leading a black horse on a beach

Light Horseman

$ 25,000 AUD
Original Ross Watson oil painting of a shirtless lifeguard wearing red shorts and cap placing a yellow flag into the beach

The Lifeguard

$ 19,000 AUD
Ross Watson original oil painting of a British military drummer viewed from behind standing in front of a rural Australian haystack

The Drummer

$ 25,000 AUD
Ross Watson original oil painting of an Australian soldier sitting on a beach headland reading a letter

The Letter

$ 22,000 AUD
Ross Watson painting of a muscular naked surfer holding a red and white surfboard in front of a black and white striped barrier with a view of Venice featuring two red poles and a gondolier

Surfer, Venice

$ 30,000 AUD
Ross Watson painting of a toned naked man standing side on holding an orange surfboard in from of a backdrop of mountans and calm water


$ 18,500 AUD
Ross Watson painting of swimmer standing on the beach with his speedos around his neck holding a blue and white inflatable dolphin pool toy

The Swimmer

$ 20,000 AUD
Alex and the King's Trooper

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