Notable Collections

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia
Sir Elton John Collection, United Kingdom

James J. O'Donnell Collection, New York, USA
Sir William Dobell Foundation, Sydney, Australia
Charles Cholmondeley, London, United Kingdom
Robert Woolley, Sotheby's New York, USA
Allens Arthur Robinson, Sydney, Australia
Citibank, Sydney, Australia
The Von Engelhardt Collection, Geneva, Switzerland
Sir James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank 1995-2005, Washington DC, USA

Abbott Tout Russell Kennedy, Sydney, Australia

Pancontinental, Sydney, Australia 

Dave Clark Collection, London, United Kingdom

Ian Roberts Collection, Sydney, Australia

Grant Hackett, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Professor Andrew Kaye, Melbourne, Australia
Russell Mulcahy, Sydney, Australia
The Hon. Petro Georgiou M.P., Melbourne, Australia
The K. Adams Collection, London, United Kingdom
Dr Brett Archer Collection, Melbourne, Australia
Timothy Chow Collection, New York, USA

Evan Davis Collection, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Simon Terry, Melbourne, Australia

Haydon Elliot and Greg Moses Collection, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Christopher Webber and Christopher Cosier, Sydney, Australia

Michael Trovato Collection, Melbourne, Australia

Sean Angles Collection, San Francisco, USA

Professor Phillip Hamilton RFD, Melbourne, Australia

Paul Zahra and Duncan Peerman, Sydney, Australia
Jon Anderson and Lance Johnson, Palm Springs, USA

Installation view of Untitled 21/09 (after Ricci, 1700; featuring Matthew Mitcham) and Untitled #9/2003 Ian Roberts (after Coypel 1709) at the National Portrait Gallery.

Image: Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra