Handstand (featuring Angus Downing)


46 x 41 cm / 18" x 16"

68 x 63 cm / 27" x 25"

Oil on board
Signed lower left


An exciting development is evident in this dynamic new painting, which marks the beginning of a new series for Watson. The scene is infused with great energy and movement in contrast to the artist's numerous paintings which are both still and contemplative.

The model, Angus Downing, a long term friend of the artist, is depicted doing a handstand in the surf, which provides a dramatic centre-focus within the turbulent ocean.  Brilliantly coloured bubbles float providing a convincing depth to the visual plane.  Like a handstand itself: short-lived, fragile and temporary, the bubbles remind us of how quickly a moment in time can pass us by.

A celebration of playful fun, a snap-shot in time, is captured for eternity in oil. Watson's extra-ordinary skill in rendering complex imagery realistically and authentically is confidently demonstrated in this striking painting.

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