Ibiza Tarmac II, featuring Jamieson and Harry

$ 38,000.00 AUD


57 x 61 cm / 22" x 24"

79 x 83 cm / 31" x 33"

Oil on board
Signed lower right


An actively dynamic composition draws the viewers gaze deeply into the multi-planed scene, providing a three dimensional depth of view to the rolling hills and the runway in the back ground landscape.

Horizontal elements include the distant figure in the cherry-picker and the tail of the helicopter which enter the composition from opposite sides with their complementary colours of orange and blue intersecting behind the central figure of the Canadian Mounty.

Rare for one of Watson's works and seen mostly recently in the first of the Ibiza Tarmac paintings Watson produced - two figures share the foreground. To the left of viewing field of the painting a partially disrobed Harry can be seen in a provocative pose, his head is dramatically raised suggesting motion as he looks toward something unknown.  To the right and with his gaze in the opposite direction Jamieson appears in a more relaxed and contemplative posture.

Parallels to the contrast of the pose of the male figures can be made with the industrial elements in the painting.  With a cherry-pickers movement being slower and more considered when compared with the dynamic nature of a helicopter tail and it's rotor.  Watson has cleverly captured stillness and motion.

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