Morning Surfer

$ 20,000 AUD


38 x 37 cm / 15" x 15"

60 x 59 cm / 2' x 2'

Oil on board
Signed lower left


A handsome young man is captured, transfixed, as he runs to indulge in his greatest passion - training for triathlon. As if in an elevated emotional state, his mouth open in wonderment at the sight ahead, his extraordinarily beautiful expression is reminiscent of the most sublime and evocative Renaissance portraits.

The complementary primary-secondary colour pairing of green and red is employed by the artist with spectacular effect. Great strength is achieved by spare and simple composition, combined with Watson's refined and immaculate attention to detail.

As the artist reflects on his youth from middle age, this superb new painting celebrates his the boundless energy, ambition and exuberant enthusiasm of youth.

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