Surfer, Noosa Beach


62 x 61 cm / 24" x 24"

84 x 83 cm / 33" x 33"

Oil on board
Signed lower left

A Private Collection, Sydney


This exceptional and fine recent painting is the first painting in the 010:Coast series, which marks a departure for the artist from referencing classical masterpieces. The powerful utilisation of colour captured in this artwork is inspired by Watson's recent travels to Noosa Beach in Queensland, Australia - the place he has continued to return to since childhood.

A white cockatoo flies off in the direction in which the young surfer is looking, towards the breaking waves he will soon be riding. Dominating the centre of the painting is the ubiquitous red and yellow safety flag - a reminder of the perilous ocean rips, and highlights the inherent dangers of the sport.

An inflatable Iron Man finish line provides a counter balance for the left side of the artwork, and anchors the viewers perspective against the infinite horizon to the right. This somewhat surreal element, immediately identifying the painting in Watson's style.

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