The Drummer

$ 27,000 AUD



40 x 40 cm / 16” x 16”

62  x 62 cm / 24” x 24” 

Oil on board
Signed lower right

Available for immediate release


Echoing the evocative art of Rene Magritte and Edward Hopper, this spare but finely calculated composition recalls the inspiration of Watson’s visits to London observing the Queen’s guards, and constructed hay forms from numerous works throughout his four decades long career.

A solitary uniformed drummer stands before a sunlit haystack in this striking and dreamlike new painting. Watson’s established personal vision magically fuses the imagery of formal central London with informal rural Australia. Two apposing world’s which fascinatingly enjoy things in common - the neat ordered formality of both the uniform and haystack - which have long captivated the artist.

Mystery and intrigue permeate the scene, as we are left to imagine the Royal military band drummer’s face, or who or what might be concealed behind him or the large haystack.
Silver helmet decoration, boot spurs and buttons, and each and every straw of hay are amongst the exquisite details rendered in astonishingly realism in this superb new artwork.

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