Two Surfers


40 x 45 cm / 16" x 18"

63 x 67 cm / 25" x 27"

Oil on board
Signed lower right

A Private Collection, Melbourne


Two inflatable buoys frame our view of two young surfers who survey the ocean and distant mountain range, of which we are afforded a very beautiful, though teasingly slim, view.

Employing a spare use of dynamic spot colour, combined with Watson's refined rendering of detail, intrigue is also a feature of this painting as we consider the surfers, who appear to resemble one another. Whilst their shorts are different colours, matching underwear is revealed underneath. Perhaps a subtle suggestion of a close companionship, though once more the artist provides a curious ambiguity, often a feature of his art.

A favourite place of Watson's to be as a young boy was the beach, and the artist has regularly returned since childhood to Noosa Beach in Queensland, Australia, which has inspired this exciting series.

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