Untitled #04/11

$ 100,000 AUD


122 x 150 cm / 48" x 59"

144 x 172 cm / 56" x 68"

Oil on board
Signed lower left


This breath-taking scene bathed in bright sunlight, was inspired by time the artist spent in Rome earlier this year.

An over-sized pink diamond falls before an expansive cloud-filled sky, providing a metaphor for the Vatican's long history of amassing wealth. Watson reminds us of the commercial business nature of many organised religions, in a series which explores the cycles of life, notions of time and enduringness, change and transition in today's disposable society.

Perhaps the world's most famous fountain, the Trevi, is featured in part, providing drama and an eye-catching sense of movement. A clever juxtaposition of a partial butterfly wing and Pegasus' wing, allows us to observe the corresponding furrows and form, contrasting two visually similar structures with different enduringness.

This important and rare work, is a fine example of the exciting development and continuing progression of Watson's art practice, mid-career.

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