Untitled #05/10 (after Bronzino, 1550; featuring Matthew Mitcham)


41 x 41 cm / 16" x 16"
Oil on board

A Private Collection, Tokyo


This striking double portrait, featuring the Olympic Gold Medalist Diver, Matthew Mitcham, refers to Bronzino's handsome 'Portrait of a Young Man'. His occupation as a sculptor is alluded to by the marble figure on the left side of the painting.

Mitcham was in a playful mood when he modeled for Watson - his second modeling session with the artist. He looks out at us with a gentle smile, his casualness in contrast to the formal and earnest young sculptor. Both have hazel brown eyes, and are of a similar age.

The profound impact of the rapid change in technological advancements on mankind is reflected in this fine painting. Mitcham is typical of millions today who rapidly and confidently navigate the internet with their smart phones, as we consider the future for printed books.

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