Untitled #05/11


61 x 60 cm / 24" x 24"

83 x 82 cm / 33" x 33"

Oil on board
Signed lower left

A Private Collection, Tokyo


A diffused bright afternoon light illuminates a gently surreal scene in this fine painting from Watson's series, Cycles&Sequences.

An over-sized diamond is perhaps the perfect metaphor for material consumption, in a series where the artist explores the cycles of life, notions of time and enduringness, and change and transition in today's disposable society.

Watson saw the original sculpture in the Louvre Museum. The kneeling winged figure is gently picking up a butterfly. In this painting the artist has cleverly obscured this connection to his current series with a symbol of mortality, the skull, which has been used in fine art through-out the ages.

Employing a very successful and simple composition, a dazzling and minimal use of colour, this painting ultimately invites us to contemplate our own existence, place in time, and mortality.

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