Untitled #09/12 (after Caravaggio 1606; Ediz Steel)


40 x 40 cm / 16" x 16"

62 x 62 cm / 24" x 24"

Oil on board
Signed lower left

A Private Collection, Auckland


Exploring notions of time and mortality in his series, Cycles&Sequences, Watson has painted Ediz Steel, a musician whose great passion is playing guitar, and who at 15 years of age inhabits the curious period between youth and adulthood.

Caravaggio's 'St John the Baptist' is referenced in this fine painting, which illustrates a striking contrast between Steel's carefree and meditative absorption, and the brooding intensity of St John whose face is cast in deep shadow.

Providing a beautifully subtle element, Watson has aligned the vibrant red tones of Steel's guitar to blend seamlessly with Caravaggio's drapery. The vibrant red and the exquisitely bright yellow-tangerine butterfly are enriched by the complementary opposite olive-emerald green t-shirt between them.

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